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    Planes | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more

    planes | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more

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    Did I hate how predictable it was, of course, but I didn't let that take away from the film's nice animation and cool racing scenes.

    Going into this film I honestly thought I was going to hate it, so I think that is why I give it some credit. You'll either like it or you'll hate it, and this time, the latter is not quite for me.

    From above the world of Cars. Very good animated movie! It's a Disney movie, it has happy endings and it gives kids great motivational dreams.

    A spin-off from Pixar's Cars, the movie gave some good comic relief with their stereotyped personality and the colorful images seem to be able to calm the hell of screaming children.

    I always like motivational movies, and in this case, Planes teaches kids how they should always try to overcome their fear.

    What's more important is the breaking of hereditary roles and defining who you want to be, away from what society thinks you should be.

    You don't need to be a fantastic race-plane to win the race. As long as you are willing to work hard, the sky is the limit!

    Recommended for all ages, yes including adults, you will enjoy it too! Dusty Crophopper is a little cropduster plane with a fear of heights and a crazy dream of being a racer.

    While his friends need convincing, Dusty gets the training he needs from Skipper, a veteran fighter, and qualifies for the Wings Across the World race.

    In the event, Dusty finds competitors who soon learn that there is something special about this underdog as he is tested to his physical and emotional limits.

    In doing so, Dusty soon finds enemies, and more importantly friends, who are inspired by his dream. In the face of all obstacles, the winner of this air race will be anyone's guess.

    So I think its safe to say we all know what this film is about and what its based on right?. Should I also be surprised that the entire thing is a bit of a cliched rehash of every animated film ever made?

    Its quite clear this film is a direct spin off from the 'Cars' movies, its no secret obviously just by looking at the poster.

    The film was meant for a straight to DVD release and boy can you tell. First thing that does hit you is the fact the visuals just aren't the high quality you'd expect.

    They look nice sure but blatantly low in standards compared to other Pixar work, it just looks like a cheap DVD release all the way.

    Those spin off adventures that big mainstream characters have but no one ever hears about them because they disappear straight into the shops, made purely to capitalise on the original cinematic hit.

    So the visuals look basic and too simple, although they are planes, only so much you can do with them I guess.

    The actual animation is fine but overall it all looks dated, about ten years old. Next up is the plot Yep well that is the plot right here all over again, predictable, hokey and corny to the max.

    Character wise its the same story I'm afraid, you can guess right now exactly what the characters might be One plucky young hero Next to that is the fact all the characters just look boring, real boring!.

    There is nothing exciting going on with any of them, all the background characters look the same, lots of little cookiecutter forklift characters whizzing around.

    The planes are a standard mix of light aircraft, old war planes, racing planes etc That was literately the best thing the film had to offer.

    I'm still amazed they didn't include any of the 'Cars' characters or have any tie in's anywhere unless I missed it. Surely that would be a must?!

    The other thing that bothered me about this was the fact it just doesn't work. There are no humans in this world, this universe seems to be a fully living mechanical one with no mammals whatsoever.

    Now I know its a kids film and I shouldn't delve too deep but I kept asking myself things like Why would the airport need an actual airport building?

    Thing is if that airliner is suppose to carry other plane 'people' or cars etc I know its picky but the more I thought about it the more it just makes no sense at all.

    Why would the main character, who is a cropduster, need to dust crops?? And why would the crops need that kind of protection anyway seeing as there aren't any organic creatures in this world to eat them, or so it seems.

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    As of Unicode Scripts include Linear B , Egyptian hieroglyphs , and cuneiform scripts. Symbols and notations include historic and modern musical notation; mathematical alphanumerics ; Emoji and other pictographic sets; and game symbols for playing cards , Mah Jongg , and dominoes.

    Planes 3 to 13 planes 3 to D in hexadecimal: No characters have yet been assigned to Planes 3 through It is not anticipated that all these planes will be used in the foreseeable future, given the total sizes of the known writing systems left to be encoded.

    The number of possible symbol characters that could arise outside of the context of writing systems is potentially huge.

    At the moment, these 11 planes out of 17 are unused. The first block is for special use tag characters. The other block contains glyph variation selectors to indicate an alternate glyph for a character that cannot be determined by context.

    The two planes 15 and 16 planes F and 10 in hexadecimal , are designated as "private use planes". They are used by fonts internally to refer to auxiliary glyphs, for example, ligatures and building blocks for other glyphs.

    Powered by his passion for racing not to mention the elusive Rochelle , this caped Casanova is anything but low-key—his booming voice and charismatic presence are as big as his oversized engine.

    He has a version of the song "Love Machine", which he sings to Rochelle to try and woo her. But he is helped to win her successfully with Dusty's version.

    Rochelle is one of the racing competitors in the Wings Around the Globe competition, and El Chupacabra's love interest. Rochelle is a tough racer and the pride of the Great White North.

    Always confident and capable, she got her start running mail to small towns in Quebec, picking up home remedies for mechanical maladies along the way.

    She also developed a knack for fast travel that ultimately inspired her to give air racing a try. She is relentlessly pursued by charmer El Chupacabra, but steadfast Rochelle is much too focused on winning the race to return his affections.

    After El Chu sang Dusty's version of the song "Love Machine" to her, she is head over heels over him.

    Bulldog has been racing longer than every other racer on the circuit. As the oldest and arguably wisest, he remembers a time before GPS, when real racers trusted their gyros and navigated by the stars.

    When it comes to racing, it boils down to two qualities, says Bulldog: While the competition secretly wonders if the aging plane is past his prime, he flies his way onto the leader board again and again, proving that this Bulldog has lost none of his bite and being Dusty's friend.

    Bulldog is very patriotic, stating that he doesn't cry because he is British, and is very confident in winning. Though at first he wasn't very close to Dusty, he believed Dusty could win after saving his life.

    Bulldog, along with the rest of Dusty's friends, gives parts to Dusty after he got damaged during a storm, demonstrating that he is grateful of Dusty saving his life.

    The reigning Pan-Asian champion from India, Ishani is easy on the eyes, but ruthless in the skies. Thanks to her high-speed competitiveness and notable talent, she has amassed more than a billion loyal fans—including one rookie racer who turns to her for guidance.

    Exotic and mysterious, Ishani is full of surprises, but always has her eye on the prize. Ishani is a strong, spirited and talented racer.

    She is very focused on winning, but this does not mean that she can't care about other racers. Ishani is nice to Dusty Crophopper, and took a liking of him.

    Ishani was seen talking with Dusty, and he tells her about her propeller. Ishani was seen having a discussion about the next race with Ripslinger in Oil Hall.

    Ishani took Dusty around Taj Mahal, and gave him advice about using the railroad tracks serving as an iron compass. After Dusty got to Nepal in first place in the wake of nearly getting killed by an oncoming train, Dusty figured out that Ishani conspired against him with Ripslinger when he saw her with a Sky Slycer Mark Five propeller that was only used for Team RPX and given by Ripslinger as compensation for doing his dirty work.

    Dusty blames Ishani for setting him up that he shuns her for it. Though later on in Mexico, she felt guilty of doing so and redeemed herself, and apologized to Dusty for doing Ripslinger's dirty work.

    At the end, she gave the propeller to Dusty Crophopper. It is currently unknown if they are in a relationship. Ned and Zed are Ripslinger's henchplanes, who help him try to disqualify Dusty from the Wings Around the Globe competition.

    They are the secondary antagonists of Planes. Lacking the skills to actually outrace the competition, they simply eliminate it, propelling boss Ripslinger to victory every single time.

    There are too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. No matter what he decides, however, Dottie will always have his back.

    His fuel tank and nozzle are used to refill planes and, on one occasion, Mayday the fire truck. He is good friends with Dottie and Sparky.

    He is also a friend and fan of Dusty Crophopper. In the teaser trailer which contains animation not in the film , both Bravo and Echo appear.

    After Dusty Crophopper takes off and was having a bit of trouble flying, Bravo asks Echo if Dusty will be okay.

    Dusty was then seen skywriting "Cool", with Echo replying that he thinks Dusty will be okay. In the actual film, they are seen trying to get Dusty towards Dwight D.

    Flysenhower when he gets low on fuel and lost over the Pacific Ocean after losing his navigation antenna that was destroyed by Ned and Zed.

    After Dusty lands on the ship, all of the crew give him some fuel and a new antenna, and Bravo and Echo show Dusty the Jolly Wrenches Hall of Fame, and try to get to Dusty ready when he asks on the radio if it is true that Skipper Riley flew only one mission.

    Bravo and Echo are later seen at the end with Dusty and Skipper on Dwight as they fly together. This irascible race official pitty delivers the rules for the North American Wings Around the Globe time trials with a matter-a-fact personality and a wry sense of humor.

    In fact, Roper never misses an opportunity to offer his own take on the events that unfold. With sly remarks and colorful commentary, Roper is funny but firm in his dealings with the race and the racers.

    He also strangely appears in Sun Wing's tent when Dusty was commenting about Ishani's propeller while in the pit row at John F.

    However, he does not appear in there again after that. He is seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie, including in the pit row at John F.

    However, he strangely does not appear with the other racers to give Dusty parts. Little King is seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie, including in the pit row at John F.

    When Dusty is broken and needs repairs, Little King gives him supplies. He is a legendary champion in the history of air racing, known for victories in his home country of Italy.

    He is number 3 in the Wings Around the Globe racing competition. When Dusty is broken and needs repairs, Arturo gives him supplies.

    The Japanese Racer, Tsubasa, is known as "The Ninja" because competitors never see or hear him coming!

    With his slick airframe, he slices past them like an invisible Warrior. In Planes , he sets the second fastest time in the qualifier round for the Wings Around the Globe and competes in the rally.

    He is then seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie. Kennedy International Airport along with his tent, although it could be that he was somewhere else at the time.

    He is also a friend of Dusty and El Chupacabra, and hangs out with the racing competitors. He seems to change personality and voice pitch when turning into a plane.

    Brent Mustangburger is an announcer for the Racing Sports Network. In Planes , he appears as the announcer of the Wings Around the Globe.

    For more information on the character, see here. He also carries many Navy helicopters and Navy pitties who do various jobs, such as helping planes land, directing them to take off or land, or command the other pitties.

    Flysenhower is equipped with two forward-facing catapults for helping planes to take off quickly, and has a lare net on his flight deck to help planes to land safely.

    His flight deck is large, and can carry fighter jets which are not taking off or landing. Flysenhower also has three elevators on the sides of his flight deck which allow planes on the flight deck to be carried to the lower decks.

    Running low on fuel, Dusty attempted to get to Hawaii but ended up miles south of where he needed to go. Luckily, Bravo and Echo found Dusty and were able to bring him back to Flysenhower for fuel.

    However, he notices that Skipper had only flown one mission in World War Two, contrary to the many stories he had told Dusty earlier.

    In Planes , Mayday is first seen taking fuel from Chug. He then leaves just before the delivery truck carrying Roper arrives. She is seen in many shots of the racers throughout the movie, including in the pit row at John F.

    When Dusty is broken and needs repairs, Sun Wing gives him supplies. He is seen in a few shots of the racers throughout the movie. Kennedy International Airport despite his tent appearing there, although it could be that he was somewhere else at the time.

    While there, he asks if El Chupacabra's name is the monster that "siphons fuel from small vehicles" the car equivalent of the legendary monster sucking blood from small animals.

    El Chu then answers that it is just a stage name designed to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents.

    Planes | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more -

    The man trying to beat Putin. The more you play, the more you gain just for doing so. Florida deputy beaten on interstate in found dead. Among those killed were two off-duty police officers who were attending the concert. Get your trainers https: Whatever game you choose, the cards, wheel, or dice can swing either way. Stacy Keach as Skipper. Cars Toons — Toy Story Toons — Retrieved May 11, Sign in with Facebook Casino luxemburg Sign in options. Kurt Osenlund of Slant Magazine gave the film one out of four stars, saying, "The film feels second-rate in every sense, from the quality of its animation to its Beste Spielothek in Groß Reken finden voice cast. Recommended for all ages, yes including adults, you will Beste Spielothek in Vorburg finden it too! The New York Times. A direct-to-video-quality spin-off that only exists to sell toys. Once Dusty, whom Ripslinger calls Rusty, enters Beste Spielothek in Hora finden competition, Ripslinger continues to pick on him about being a crop duster, and not fit for racing of any kind. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Running low on fuel, Dusty attempted to get to Hawaii but ended up miles south of where he needed to go. He is also a friend of Dusty and El Chupacabra, and hangs out with the racing competitors.

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